Rental Apartment Tips

You have found a couple of apartments on the market that sound promising but you are confused about what you need to do to decide and how to get started. How will you know when you find the place for you? One of the first things you should do is look everywhere you can think of. Go online and do a Google search to find websites that feature apartments for rent. Check your local newspaper as well. If you are planning to stay in the same town or city you might want to drive around and look for rental signs. You want as much variety as possible and you want to find the best deal for your money.

Before you even begin looking you have to get clear with yourself about what you are looking for in a new place to live. Begin with what size unit you are seeking. Whether you need one bed, two-bedroom or three-bedrooms will depend upon whether you live alone or whether there are two of you or more. If you have more than one child then can they share a room or do you want them both to have their own?

You also need to contemplate the size of the other rooms. The kitchen and bathroom are important but so are the dining room and the living room. Think about the furniture you own. Use that as a guide to finding a home that is not too small but not too big either.

Some apartments are in a building with many units while others are a house that was divided up. You need to decide which type you would prefer. Or would you be all right with renting a basement flat from someone who lives upstairs? The number of neighbors you will have and the noise you may or may not have to deal with on a regular basis is contingent upon which type of residence you choose to rent. Remember though that everything from size to location to price must be taken together and factored into your final decision.

Price is a huge consideration when you are shopping for a new home. Look at the classified section of your local newspaper to get an idea of the kind of prices that rentals go for in your part of town (or the area you wish to move to). In most cities and towns it cost more to rent apartments in some areas than it does in others. Consider your income. It is generally recognized that rent should not be more than 30 percent of your take-home pay. Decide what price range is affordable to you and then look for apartments that satisfy your financial bottom line.

Add in the price of utilities and transportation costs to get back and forth to work every day. Also, remember that you will have to pay your first month’s rent and a security deposit which in most cases is half a month’s rent. Some building managers also expect you to pay the last month’s rent upfront. Bear in mind too that you will have start-up costs to pay when you first move in, such as having your phone service-connected, as well as your Internet service, cable service, and power.